Connect With Your Guests Through Hotel Signage

From navigating through valet to finding their way into hallways and rooms, hotel signage proves to be an essential part of a guest’s stay at any boutique hotel. 

Most guests staying at your hotel are visiting from elsewhere, which means that they will need assistance in trying to get from where they are to where they want to be. Signs are a way to communicate and guide your guests into a seamless stay. 

Our team at Front Desk Supply works with independent and boutique hotels all over the country to design signs that will enhance their guests’ experience from check-in to check-out. With our graphic artists on staff, we can help you create items that will express your brand’s personality. 

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Through signage, boutique hotels have a powerful way of engaging travelers. 

Explore our variety of signs we provide for hotels: 

Do Not Disturb 

While some guests immerse themselves into all of the activities hotels have to offer, some are there to relax and disconnect. Do Not Disturb signs are valuable assets to your hotel because they give your guests the space they need without interruption. 

There are multiple styles of Do Not Disturb Signs you can choose from: 

In-room Signage

As guests settle into their rooms, they expect to have everything available to them then and there. To avoid making your guests go out of their way to call the front desk for essential room information, provide in-room signage. This allows your boutique hotel to share any necessary information with your guests in a convenient way. 

In-room signs can include: 

  • Television Station Listing
  • Mini-bar Inventory Sheets and Tags
  • Conservative Water Signs
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Tent Cards
  • No Smoking Signs

Hospitality signage ties your hotel’s ambiance together while also providing value to your guests. 

At Front Desk Supply, our team can help bridge the gap between eye-catching design and functionality for your hotel signs. Our graphic designers will work with you to bring your vision to life. We have different materials depending on where the signs will go, as well as budget considerations

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